Introduction: How to Make Shiplap for a Ceiling

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How to make shiplap for your ceiling. With the price of wood now a days, i will show you an inexpensive way to #diy and save some money! Basic woodworking tools will help you achieve an #amazing result that will last a lifetime. Hopefully this will help you on your wood working journey and add an idea to try out in the future.

Products used in this video: Dixiebell Paint - Narrow crown stapler - Portable compressor-

Step 1: Get the Wood!

I found that 1/8" / 2.5mm thick plywood from a big box store is the cheapest and lightest way to make this project work.

I cut the strips into 7 and 7/8 wide strips to get the most out of the 48" x 96" plywood

Step 2: Paint It First!

I decided to paint the wood strips first to help with keeping the new floor and freshly painted walls clean!

Step 3: Space It Out

I used the material that i was working with to act as a space to give the stripe / crate effect. You can use anything to keep the gaps at 1/8-1/4" spacing

Step 4: Grab Your Partner

For the hanging, i attempted to do it by myself, but it was way easier to hire my daughter to lend me a hand. I glued it up with liquid nail and used a narrow crown stapler to help hold it until the glue dried

Step 5: Step Back and Look

After its up, grab a soda and admire your work!!

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