Introduction: How to Make Items Rust - Amazing Patina Paint Technique

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Jason from Doing it with jason will show you how to make wood, cardboard, plastic, and even glass look like metal that has been aged and rusted. I am using Dixie Bell Patina paints and sprays! Today I will be showing you a faux Metal Painting Technique to turn a cardboard anchor from hobby lobby into a rusted metallic work of art. In this step by step I will show you how to make wood look like rusted faux metal. This faux metal paint finish will knock your socks off. By the way, this is my favorite patina painting technique! Ever wanted to Make wood look like rusted metal, well now you can with this awesome and easy chalk paint technique. Whether you are looking for faux ceiling tiles or faux wall panels, You will amaze your friends and all you have to do is let the product do its magic!

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Step 1: Prime

First you need to prime your surface with some paint

Step 2: Patina Paint

Next you paint the surface with the patina color of your choice

Step 3: Spray

Next spray the wet patina paint with the activator to cause the awesome patina rusting.

Step 4: Wait for It!

Finally you just wait for the reaction to happen usually about 2-4 hours and boom! It almost does if for you!