Introduction: How to Make Simple Plane

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Here I will show you how to make really good paper plane flying like normal aircraft.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

To make plane from my instructable you will need:

- sheet of paper,

- cardboard (I have 0,5 mm),

- some sticks,

- scissors, pencil, ruler.

And things that aren't in the picture:

- glue,

- plasticine,

- string.

1 cm = 0,39 inch

1 cm = 10 mm

Step 2: Fuselage & Stabilizers

Fuselage is really easy to build because it's just a long stick. I made it of 2 long toothpicks glued together (sorry for low photo quality).

Stabilizers are very simply too. Cut 1 square (5x5 cm) and 1 rectangle (14x5 cm) of cardboard. Than if you want you can cut some shape in them so they will look more realistic.

Glue everything together at the end of a fuselage.

Step 3: Wings

The pieces you need:

- 1 paper rectangle 7,6x20 cm (with 2 rectangles 7,6x2 cm attached to the bottom),

- 2 paper rectangles 7,6x11 cm,

- 1 cardboard piece to attach wings to fuselage.

How to make this cardboard element:

Cut rectangle 2x7,5 cm of cardboard, divide the lenght on 3 parts (7,5 / 3 = 2,5),

mark it on the top of rectangle (green point on the picture).

On the sides mark 2 points 0,5 cm from the top and draw a line through these points.

Cut it out and attach it to the biggest rectangle (in the midle).

Now take 2 smaller rectangles, on their bottoms draw the same line but 2 times lower (0,25 cm). Look at second picture how to do that, than like in stabilizers cut some shape in it.

What you have to do now is to glue them on the sides of the biggest rectangle (last photo).

Finished wings attach to the middle of fuselage.

Step 4: Make It Stronger

As you know paper isn't very strong so I have added some strings to the wings to make them stronger. It isn't necessary, but it makes plane fly better.

Step 5: Weight


Without some plasticine at the beginning of fuselage your plane won't fly.

Place your plane on something like the letter Y. I put 2 toothpicks into Matchbox. Than keep adding plasticine until plane will stay steady.

Step 6: Testing

Your plane schould fly now, try to throw it and look what is he doing. If it still isn't flying try to make some changes in it, add more plasticine, throw stronger or whatever you want.

If you have any questions write to me in comments.