Introduction: How to Make Solenoid Engine

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Hi friends

this time i will show you how to make a simple solenoid engine.

It is very fascinating to see how physics works, with this project we will see how magnetism works to rotate a wheel,

here linear movement of solenoid is convert into circular motion.

Step 1: Video of Solenoid Engine

First please have look on video to see how solenoid engine works

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Step 2: Material Required

As you can see i have mention each and every information in image itself with dimensions and details

followings are the list of material

1) A acrylic sheet 13 x 14 CM used as a base

2) Solenoid Coil (how to make this coil i will cover in next step )

3) A crank shaft made from strong iron wire ( bicycle tier spoke)

4) Nut bolts as required

5) Some pieces of strong wires dimension are mention in image

6) A wheel (wheel must have some weight to gain momentum)

7) Some pieces of electric wires

Step 3: How to Make Solenoid Coil

I use thin copper wire of around 36 AWG

Bring a straw or strong plastic pipe of around 5mm diameter

Start wound copper wire along the length of pipe in uniform way i keep the length of solenoid 4.5 cm

Wound around 500 to 600 turns uniformly on pipe.

now remove insulation from both the end of winding by burning both end in flame

so you solenoid is ready to connect with power supply

some thumb rules of solenoid

the strength of solenoid is directly proportional to the number of turns & inversely proportional to the length of solenoid.

means number of copper wire turns increase the solenoid strength

& longer the solenoid length weaker the strength

Step 4: Procedure

It is advisable to watch once the video for better visualization

1) place the crank shaft support on the both side of acrylic sheet

2) Place solenoid coil on the solenoid stand

3) I use a drill bit as a plunder of solenoid

4) connect plunger extension shaft

5) connect this shaft with cranks shaft

6) Make a arrangement like when plunger is extremely out from solenoid, solenoid get power and pull plunger in

7) by repeating this continuously your engine start rotating

5) I used 12V DC power source

I hope you like this

thanks for your attention friends

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