Introduction: How to Make Spray Paint Art for Beginners

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Have you ever wanted to make an awesome painting or poster? With spray paint art, you can do this. Spray paint art does not have to be of a specific category. It can be of space, nature, people, abstract, ANYTHING! In 10 easy steps, with some tips and tricks, you can make professional paintings!


You can get inexpensive supplies that last not one art project, but many!

What you will need:

• Spray paint (White, Black, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Grey)

• Glossy poster board paper

• A trash bag

• Card-stock

• An old pot, or circular object that can be colored such as a cup, and 2 cans.

• A cardboard box or cheap plastic table cloth

Why these are needed:

• Spray paint: The best spray paint brand is Rust-Oleum, it provides quality, full cans of paint

• Glossy poster paper: This type of paper lets the paint stick extremely well, and does not get saturated easy.

• A trash bag: A trash bag is an unlikely tool, but gives texture when pressed on paint!

• Card-stock: Card-stock is saturation resistant, and you can print silhouettes on it, cut them out, and spray their shapes on the painting.

• 1 pot and 2 Cans: Many awesome paintings have circular objects, and an old pot and cans are not only free, but works great.

• A box or plastic table cloth: To protect what you are spray painting on, both can be used as a surface protector.

Where to get these things:

• Spray paint: Lowes, Home Depot, Hardware stores, and Amazon all carry Rust-Oleum.

• Glossy poster board paper: These can be found in craft stores, but are readily available on Amazon under the search "glossy poster board for spray paint art" and they can be found in packs of 25, for around $15.

• A trash bag: Most people can find this in a cabinet, but if not, target and Walmart offer good prices.

• Card-Stock: This can be found at Craft stores, and Amazon.

• A pot and cans: If you cannot find an old pot around your house, you can use a Frisbee too, or buy a pot at Home Depot, Lowes, or Amazon.

• If you do not have a cardboard (big) box you can flatten and use, get a cheap plastic table cloth at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, Amazon, or Target. You can also look under the birthday section to find this.

Step 1: Forming Planets

Now all the supplies are all gathered, you can begin! In this painting, we will be making planets, stars, and a comet! We will start by making planets. The process of making the planets is simple, in the spot you want the planet, spray paint an area that has to cover the circular object you chose (such as a can). You do not have to make it circular, because we only shape the planet after we give it it's color! You can mix colors to make unique planets!

What to do:

1. Shake your spray bottles.

2. Spray in two different spots of the paper (so the paint doesn't touch each other). You can make your planet color a mix or plain, it's up to you!

Warning Tip: Do not spray too close to the paper, or it will drench, and curl your painting. A good distance is 1-1.5 feet away with the paint nozzle full pushed down.

Step 2: Protect the Planets!

Since you will eventually be painting a background, you will need to cover the two spots you painted with a circular cans. This will give you planets their round shape.

Step 3: Make a Textured Moon

Now, in a corner of you poster that you have not yet painted on, take white paint and and spray a lot of it close to the paper. Next, give the future moon a mist of grey and black, so that the white is now speckled with black and grey. Take the trash bag, crinkle it up, and press it down on the mixture you just made. This should give a nice texture when you pull it up.

Step 4: The Moon Needs Protection Too!

Take your pot, and put it over the "moon" in the corner.

Step 5: Put That Space in the Painting

Take you black spray can, and shake it again! You are about to put the background into the painting. But this does not mean you're done, you still have a comet, and stars to include. Spray the entire paper black, but not under the cans or pot.

Pro Tip: Angle your spray paint can around the pot and cans to get clean looking perimeters around the planets and moon.

Step 6: Take a Break and Give Yourself a High Five!

You made it this far, so you're doing great! Your painting needs to dry. After a 15 Minutes (make sure it is around 15 minutes so your cans don't stick to the painting), you can get back at your painting endeavors, and finish it up!

Step 7: Take Off and Put Back on the Cans and Pot

To ensure your cans and pot do not stick to the painting, carefully remove the cans and pot, then put them back on in the exact same position. Best of all, you get a glimpse of what you planets and moon looks like!

Step 8: Comet Blast

First, take your cans and shake them all briefly. Now, flip your blue can upside down, and place it around 4 inches from the last corner you have not painted. Aim the nozzle to the side of the painting, and push down! A blast of blue should appear on you painting. Take the white can, place it in the same position (with the nozzle aiming the same direction), and push down again. This completes you comet.

Step 9: Spray for the Stars

Take your yellow spray can, and put it about 1.5 feet above the painting and angle the nozzle to the side. Lightly press on the nozzle and move the can around over the painting. As you mist the paint above the painting, little stars should appear on you masterpiece!

Step 10: You Did It!

Remove the cans from the painting. Your work is done! You have successfully captured a space scene. There is no wrong way to paint, only different results. If you are wanting to have it dry fast, put it under the air of a fan or blow dryer. Otherwise, it will air dry in about an hour, depending how much paint you put in the paper.

Step 11: Make Your Own

You now have all the skills to make your own original painting. You can cut out printed card-stock images, and use them the same way you used the cans. Good Luck and happy spray painting!

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