Introduction: How to Make Sushi

This is a simple but tasty way to make sushi. Make sure you have fresh ingredients so your flavor is good and you don't get sick.

Step 1: Step One:

Preparing your rice. For approximately three cups of sushi rice create a mixture of a half cup rice vinegar, two table spoons of sugar, and two teaspoons of salt. After cooking the rice mix in the ingredients and let rest at room temperature.

Step 2: Step Two:

On a bamboo mat (or flat sturdy cloth) place a sheet of seaweed (Nori), and spread the rice to cover the center with approximately a centimeter (cm or 1/2 inch) on all sides. For a skinny roll use a half sheet of seaweed, otherwise use a full sheet.

Step 3: Step Three:

Prepare your filling. If you chose to use seafood make sure that it is either “Sushi grade” fish or that it is cooked thoroughly to prevent parasites that may infest the fish from infecting you. Common ingredients are Cucumber, Carrot, Sweet egg (four eggs scrambled, a table spoon of sugar, and two teaspoons soy sauce mixed before cooking), avocado, tofu, and fish eggs. All ingredients should be cut length wise at approximately one cm (1/2 inch) thick. Carrots should be shredded to prevent changing texture if possible.

Step 4: Step Four:

Assembling your roll. Skinny rolls only have one ingredient laid lengthwise along the half sheet. Normal rolls can have several ingredients placed in parallel to one side of the sheet. There is no “wrong” list of fillings, but be sure not to have one ingredient overpower the others or you may be disappointed

Step 5: Step Five:

Roll your sushi. Prepare a small bowl full of water and keep it handy. Grab the bamboo mat next to your ingredients and pull it parallel to the table, applying even pressure to your sushi (easier with bamboo mat, but possible with thick cloth), and continue until almost the entire sheet is rolled up.

Step 6: Step Six

Brush some water along the cm of seaweed left exposed to act as a binding agent holding the roll together. Now firmly compress the roll along its entire length to firm up the sushi. Take care to press the moistened nori to its counterpart to ensure the roll holds together.

Step 7: Step Seven

With a long sharp knife cut slices approximately one cm thick in a smooth motion. Do not cut back and forth and do not use a serrated knife if possible, as this will potentially tear the roll apart or alter the texture of the sushi respectively.