Introduction: How to Make Traditional Origami Sunglasses

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How to make Traditional Origami Sunglasses

Learn how to use the Japanese art of origami to make your own sunglasses. Use the start, stop, forward and back buttons to easily follow along. You can also speed up the instructional origami video if it is going too slow. Very cool Japanese origami how-to video!

Step 1: Start With One Eight by Eleven Sheet of Paper.

Step 2: Fold One Side, So That the Corner Meets the Second Corner on the Other Side of the Paper.

Step 3: Fold the Paper Edge to Edge As Shown in the Picture and Then Unfold.

Step 4: Fold the One Mountain Fold Up to Make the Paper Look As in the Picture.

Step 5: Fold the Bottom Piece Up to the Points Where the Triangles Are Leaving a Small Margin. the Margin Is Important Because When We Fold Again and Again the Bottom Paper Will Move Up a Little.

Step 6: Fold the Second Time.

Step 7: Fold the Third Time, But Right to the Edge.

Step 8: Fold Up Small Triangles in Each of the Larger Triangles As Shown in the Picture

Step 9: Fold the Sides Up and You Are Done! Enjoy Your New Sunglasses.

Step 10: