Introduction: How to Make USB Killer From Bug Zapper Racket !

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The USB Killer is a testing device created to test USB ports against power surge attacks. The USB Killer 2.0 tests your device's resistance against this attack. You can buy it for around 55$ Which is really expensive considering a very little amount of technology it has .

After some random experiments i realized same USB killer can be made with ordinary cheap bug zapper rackets So Let's See How To Make DIY Make USB Killer


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Step 1: KNOWWLEDGE ... (Related Info Videos)

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# How To Make USB Killer From Bug Zapper Racket !

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Step 2: Let's Begin !

CAUTION ! Following steps deals with high voltage, if not handled carefully cause you injury so know your safety first ! it's your responsibility to make and use this device .

  1. Get an bug zapper racket , Discharge it by touching a screwdriver in a metallic net portion
  2. Now Open the bug zapper racket using a proper screw driver .
  3. You will see high voltage generator circuit and a battery inside it .
  4. Make sure the switch of the circuit is OFF .
  5. Again confirm any charge left in the capacitor ,short output using insulated piece of wire .
  6. Remove the output wires by de-soldering it using soldering iron .
  7. Remove 2KV Output Capacitor From The Circuit.

Step 3: Make USB Killer Stick

  1. To Make USB Killer stick , get a USB Male Port and the capacitor we removed from circuit , Solder Usb port + capacitor = Usb Killer !
  2. Try to make soldering job compact , so it will look sneaky !
  3. Now enclose it with some heat-shrink tube.
  4. For your safety you can put second layer of heat-shrink tube .
  5. heat it with a lighter
  6. Our USB killer drive is Ready !

Step 4: Make High Voltage Charger

    ★☆★ Buy Parts from your online local store ★☆★

    1) Buy Bug Zapper Racket Bat

    2) Heat shrink tubing

    3) USB Connectors Male

    4) USB Connectors Female

    5) Lighter

    6) Screw Driver Set

    To Make High voltage charger , we will need high voltage circuit we removed from bug zapper.

    1. Make sure its discharged .
    2. Cut two slits using a hacksaw in order to fit USB Female Port Properly .
    3. Now solder a USB female port , as shown in picture .
    4. High voltage charger is ready to use , consider putting this circuit in a plastic in a box so you will not zapp yourself accidentally.

    Step 5: How to Use It

    1. To Use it, Insert Our USB Killer stick into high voltage charger then turn on the switch and when you push the button circuit will generate high voltage and store it into the capacitor president into USB stick

    2.Remember that capacitor will Store 2 kilo volts of charge which is very leathal so be careful while using it

    3. Also this USB killer store charge for a very long time so carry it safely !

    Step 6: "Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" - Superrman !

    Now there are few things you can't do like don't mix up this USB killer stick with your normal class has because you never know which is The real deal ! and

    I tried it on to my PC it always work which is the most picture of the USB killer if you want to see what happened to my PC check out this video

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