Introduction: How to Make USB Rechargeable 9V Li-ion Battery

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In this instructable i will show you how make a simple 9V USB Rechargeable li-ion Battery using the old drained 9v battery.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

Step 2: Materials Used

Materials Used :

  • DC to DC Boost Converter
  • TP4056 Li-ion Charging module
  • Old Drained 9V Battery
  • 3.7V 500mAH Li-ion Battery Model KP-402535 / You can also use different Model make sure it fits your battery case
  • Latching ON/OFF Push Button Switch

Step 3: Warning: Safety Tips

1. Don't Over pressure the battery inside the case.

2.Make sure circuits doesn't touch the metal parts of case.

3.Select the correct size battery.

4.Make sure the out polarity of your 9V battery

5.Keep the battery turned off when not in use

⚠️ Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any kind of damage or loss, do everything at your own risk.

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