Introduction: How to Make VU Meter

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A VU metre is volume unit (VU) meter or standard volume indicator (SVI) is a device displaying a representation of the signal level in audio equipment. It is used to visualise the Analog signal .

I already made a VU meter using Arduino you can check here

In this Instructable I am going to improvise the look of the VU meter.

Now I am going to instruct how to make a VU meter using Arduino with less number of components.

Get Started..

Step 1: Components Required

Arduino Uno (with Adaptor or 9V battery) [ Banggood]

Resistors - 100 Ohm (x11) [ Banggood]

LEDs (Different Colours) - 11 [ Banggood]

Hookup wire [ Banggood]

3.5 mm Audio Jack -1 [ Banggood]

PCB -1 [ Banggood]

Glue Gun stick - 1 [ Banggood]

Plastic Box - 1

Step 2: Circuit

I recommend you to go through my previous vu meter instructables.

Insert LEDs into PCB such that all Positive terminals are in same side.

Insert Resistors into PCB in series with Positive terminal of the LEDs .

Solder wires to 3.5mm audio jack.

Solder all components according circuit.

Use Hookup wire to connect in series with resistor to Arduino digital pins.

Upload the code into arduino.

Insert one wire of audio jack at A0 and another to GND.

Here the circuiting completes Insert Audio Jack to any audio source and test the circuit.

Step 3: Preparing the Body

Now take a plastic box and mark to cut and make a path to connect power supply and USB cable.

Mark the top of the box to make a hole to stick the led bar.

Now place the setup inside the box.

Step 4: Setting Up in Body

Make a hole on side of the box to insert the audio in cable.

Insert the wires of 3.5mm jack through hole.

Connect +ve wire of 3.5mm jack to A0 and -ve wire of 3.5mm jack to GND of Arduino.

Now Close the lid carefully and tape the sides.

Now take suitable size of glue stick and melt the sufficient portion to place it on led bar.

Place the glue gun stick on led bar and stick it firmly and evenly.

Here the procedure completes.

Step 5: Complete Construction Video

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