Introduction: How to Make Wall Clock|DIY|Beautiful Wall Clock

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Step 1: Cycle Rims

Take two cycle rims and cover it with solution tape

Step 2: Aluminium Foil

Take an aluminium foil and twist it randomly.Then open that foil and cut it into strips after words paste that strips with the help of PVA Glue

Step 3: Chain Wheel

Take three different size of chain wheel and paste aluminium foil with the help of PVA glue.Now apply black paint on chain wheels and remove the colour with the help of cloth to give a texture.

Step 4: Ice Cream Sticks

Take 12 ice cream sticks and paste aluminium foil on it with the help of PVA glue

Step 5: Pizza Tray

Now take a pizza tray and place chain wheel on it and mark hole for chain wheels with the help of steel nail and hammer.Now you will have holes in pizza tray

Step 6: Aluminium Foil

Now twist the aluminium foil randomly and paste it on the pizza tray with the help of PVA glue

Step 7: Binding Wire

Now make holes in aluminium foil pasted on pizza tray.Now bind the chain wheels on the tray with the help of binding wire.

Step 8: Aluminium Foil

Now pass the binding wire from the holes by maintaining equal distance from all sides.Now paste aluminium foil on the wires with the help of PVA glue.

Step 9: Ice Cream Sticks

Now apply black paint on it .To give texture remove the black colour with the help of cloth.

Step 10: Tray Is Ready

Now our tray is ready

Step 11: Ice Cram Sticks,Glue Gun

Now paste ice cream sticks on the rim with the help of glue gun

Step 12: Ready

Now our clock is ready.