Introduction: How to Make Water Level Indicator Alarm

Hiii,Today i am going to tell you how to make water level indicator alarm this is very useful project because nowdays everybody have water tank in their homes but when they get filled no one knows so with this Water Alarm you can save water & Electricity.When the water tank become full the buzzer will start making sound indicating you to switch off the Motor.

Step 1: Material You Will Need


1.PCB 1 Perforated

2.Solder wire As much you need -

3.Soldering iron 1

4.Battery 1 3v-5v

5.Buzzer 1 Piezo buzzer

6.Capacitor 1 2.2uF-15v

7.Resistor 1 Each 1K & 100K

8.Copper Plate 2 L-5cm B-2cm

9.IC 1 NE-555

10.Battery Connector 1 To connect battery

11.Solder Flux - -

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Step 2: It's Working

It's Working

When the water tank get filled and the copper plates get contact with each other due to they are in water and water is a conductor of electricity when the water touch both the copper plate then circuit will complete and the buzzer will start making sound.

Step 3: The Circuit & PCB

Start Making The Circuit

Take your soldering iron and start soldering the components on the perforated PCB you can also place the components like in another image.

How To Install The Circuit

Take two long piece of wire ~2-3m and connect each of the wires to the copper plate A & B then connect the other end of the wire to the circuit.Now place the copper plate into the water tank at the highest point you want.Both the copper plate should be separate ensure that they do not touch each other.Now connect the battery and test the circuit.

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Thanks for understanding

Save Water And Electricity