Introduction: How to Make Your Bed- College Loft Edition

Rise and Shine!

Although making a bed is a very simple chore, as first year college students we've noticed an imbalance between our friends who make their beds and those who do not. Inquiring further, we learned many have not attempted to make their bed here because they are not used to having a lofted bed and do not know how to properly maneuver the low ceilings, ladder, and bedrail. People we asked described the experience of making a lofted bed as "sweaty," "a full body work out," even "an intense, traumatizing ordeal." As first year college students, we are making this Instructable to show how to make a lofted bed and display that it is both possible and can be enjoyable...if you do it our way! :) We know college is a chronic stressor, so what better way to combat that stress than starting your day with the satisfaction of an accomplished task? Studies have shown that people who make their bed first thing in the morning will have an overall happier attitude throughout the day.

Step 1: The Gathering

In order to make your lofted bed our way, you will need

- one (1) XL twin mattress

- one (1) mattress topper

- one (1) XL twin fitted sheet

- one (1) XL twin comforter

- three (3) pillows

- one (1) decorative pillow

**You will not have to put your fitted sheet and mattress topper on everyday, but this morning we are starting from scratch ie. LAUNDRY DAY!

** Pillow amounts are subject to change based on personal preference, we just really like pillows.

- You will also need your roommate to help with some of the steps so you aren't climbing up and down your ladder all day. Plus, everything is better with a friend!

Step 2: Prepare Lofted Bed for Making

In this step, your bed should start as just the bare mattress. This is typically on move in day, or laundry day.

Remove the detachable bed rail from the side. This makes it easier to reach corners and tuck sheets under mattress.

While one roomie removes the bedrail, have the other move a desk chair near the bed so it is easier to hand bedding up to the bed.

Step 3: Mattress Topper

1. Each person grab a corner of the mattress topper, and shake it out to make sure no other pieces of laundry are stuck in the folds.

2. Orient it to properly fit the mattress.

3. Align the topper on the mattress. Tuck the mattress topper elastic under the mattress corner.

Note: The key to putting the mattress topper on in such a tight space, due to the ceiling, is staying in an army crawl position so you don't get a concussion.

4. Before moving onto the adjacent corner, have your roomie hold down top left corner so that it does not flip up while pulling on other sides.

5. Repeat step three for remaining three corners.

**Make sure to pull tight, because no one likes a saggy or rumpled mattress topper!

Step 4: Fitted Sheet

Now it is time to tackle the beast of bed-making. If you're not breaking a sweat already, this will be the real test.

1. Similar to the mattress topper, you and your roomie should shake out the fitted sheet and orient it to fit the mattress.

1b. Before tucking the fitted sheet under the mattress, remember that this will be harder as a lofted bed because your entire body weight is also on the mattress.

2. If you're starting with the left corner, position your body weight on the right side of the mattress, lifting the mattress corner up slightly from the bed frame. Have your roomie fold the elastic of the fitted sheet under the corner while you hold it up.

3. Repeat with remaining three corners.

4. Once all corners have been tucked under the mattress, double check that the fitted sheet is tucked along the sides as well.

Step 5: Comforter and Bedrail

1. Grab your comforter and align the corners to properly fit the mattress.

2. Starting at the foot of the bed, tuck in corners and sides of comforter between mattress and bed frame. You will need to

3. Tuck comforter as close to head of bed as it will go. See video for example.

**It will probably not reach the head of the bed, this is okay.

4. While you are working on the comforter, have your roomie reattach the bedrail. We included a video of how to reattach it if you are working with Notre Dame modular furniture!

Step 6: The Finishing Touches

1. This step is where you can incorporate your creative side!

1b. One of the few benefits of having a lofted bed is that no one can see how many pillows you have! Pillows also help protect your head from poorly placed fire sprinklers, like the one captured in photo one.

2. Arrange sleeping pillows based on color and size to your liking.

3. The decorative pillows should be the forefront of the spread.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Making your bed may be one of the few things that you feel like you can control in your first year of college, with so many new and unfamiliar changes going on. The satisfaction of achieving something right away in the morning will help you carry on to feel more productive for the rest of the day. Also, now that you are at college, you are sharing a living space with other people. You are responsible for keeping your space and you want your area of the room to look decent for your roommate in order to build a respectful and fun relationship! Hopefully these steps will inspire you to turn a new leaf at college and tackle making your lofted bed!