Introduction: How to Make Your Own Candles at Home

Reading the intro to the Fire challenge I was inspired by the sentence; "Share your projects that involve an open flame for a chance to win." One of my favorite little craft projects that I can involve my kids with is making our own candles. They can truly make it unique by picking out different colors to mix with the wax, different scent oils to mix in, and different jars we can put them into. Being a busy mom of 4 I don't always have all the proper tools or equipment so this project is nice because anyone can do it with few materials.

Step 1: Gathering Your Supplies

Picture 1-

  • you need a small or medium pan that you will be filling half way with water
  • a can- we use a vegetable can
  • wax- for today's project we used soy wax. this is where you can get creative and just melt down old candles

Picture 2-

  • a glass container suitable for burning candles and a wick

Picture 3-

  • This is optional I use an oil scent and an old crayon for coloring.
  • skewer to stir

Step 2: Melting Your Wax

I filled my can half way with my soy wax. This is where I add my crayon so it can melt along with the wax and I use a few drops of the scented oil. (I use a few extra drops because I like my candles to have a long lasting aroma)

Using a double boil method I place my can of wax into the water and as the water comes to a boil my wax melts.

I showed several pictures of the first waiting game it takes several minutes for your wax to fully dissolve.

Step 3: Get Your Jar Ready

I dip my wick into the melted wax several times building up warm wax and placing it into the container so that the wax holds the wick into place when I pour my wax into the jar. The wick will move and this is where I just set my skewer in place to old it steady. At this point anything you have can work we have used pencils or even a stick from outside.

Step 4: Pour Wax

Slowly pour your wax into the jar until full.

And the second round of waiting begins. It can take up to several hours for your candle to be ready to burn.

Step 5: Trim Your Wick

If you are using something as long as i did you will need to trim your wick once your candle is set.

And that's it!


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