Introduction: Old Speaker Into a Vanity

I was inspired to make this project by the idea that I could turn this box into something entirely different. I have turned them into toy boxes before but that was nothing compared to what I was getting myself into with this project. Its a great use for these old floor speakers that we tend to find all over and they typically don't work which makes this project even that much better because they are not terribly hard to find, and in all sizes.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

For the first part of this instructable we used:

  • Speaker
  • A hand sander: I used 50 grit sandpaper
  • A jig saw
  • Hammer and Chisel
  • measuring tape and marker
  • drill
  • drill bits

Second set of supplies/tools:

  • spray paint and color
  • finer sandpaper I used 220 for this step

For the inside of the speaker/vanity I painted it using regular house paint its great on the wood. You could spray paint the inside if you wanted to I choose not to because i didn't want to deal with the spray paint running.

For the inside of the vanity we are using 2 wicker baskets, a mirror, and a strand of lights, the strand of lights has a power source of a battery.

Step 2: Prepping the Speaker

I started out by sanding all 4 sides of the speaker and rounding out the 4 corners so that in the end the speaker will loose some of its "boxy-ness". Sanding the outside will give the spray paint a better surface to stick to.

Clean out all the insides from your speaker, mine didn't have any of the speaker components left in it so the only thing I needed to do was take out the foam and fiberglass pieces. Use caution if you have sensitive skin, I used a bag and just reached in and scooped it all out.

Step 3: Cut the Face Off of the Speaker

Now you are going to want to cut the face of the speaker out so you have an empty box. The easiest way to do this is to take a drill and drill holes in each corner so that you have a place to put the blade of your jig saw. Then cut all the way around.

Step 4: Measuring and Cutting

Here's where I took my one speaker and measured it in half so that I could make the second part for our vanity. I measured the width cut it in half and drew my lines all the way around the speaker so it can be cut. Using the Jig Saw I cut the speaker in half making my top and bottom pieces for what will be a beautiful Vanity when we are all done.

Step 5: Last of the Prep Work

With the hammer and chisel I cleaned up the glued wood on the inside of the speaker and then sanded the entire inside down and around the edges getting it all ready for the paint jobs.

Step 6: Painting

I spray painted each side of my vanity twice. Allowing each side to completely dry so that I could take my fine sandpaper and smooth it out, and then i would spray it again. Once the outside was dry I painted one coat of paint on the inside. Then I painted the edges all the way around black. The black paint on the edges got a second coat as shown between the last few pictures.

Now that the two pieces are painted we can begin working on making this look less like a speaker and more like a beautiful vanity.

Step 7: Customizing

I used a spare piece of wood cut to length and drilled holes in it for my lights to stick out of. Used a nut and bolt to attach the top and bottom piece, at this point all you have left is to customize your vanity. I Attached a mirror with sticky strips and glued two wicker baskets to the bottom.

How you want to customize your vanity is up to you.

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