Introduction: How to Make Your Own Herb Garden

In this intractable I am going to show you how to make your own herb garden which you can then place inside your kitchen.

Specifically in this project I have decided to use six herbs however you can change the amount of herbs included in your herb garden by just simply adding more jars or using less.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

The first step of this intractable is going to be to gather all the needed materials. The required materials for a herb garden that contains 6 herbs are :

  • 2 x wood pieces (length = 15 x 47 cm)
  • 6 glass jars
  • Strong glass glue
  • Ruler
  • Decoration (e.g. : ribbon, colorful string)
  • Herbs

Step 2: Removing Lids and Tags From Jars

If the glass jars that you have do not have tags or lids then this step is not necessary however if there are any lids they should be removed.

In the picture you can see that on the jars which I had there were sticker tags which I removed just to make the visual outcome of the project more neater and organized.

Step 3: Painting Wood (optional Step)

This is a optional step however some people might find this step useful. In case you do not like the color of the wood you can also use paint at this step to color it in whatever way you like.

However if your wood is already in the color which you like it, then you can skip this step.

If you decide to paint your wood then you need a brush and the paint in whatever color you like. However before continuing with the following steps you should make sure that the paint has dried completely.

Step 4: Measuring Where to Place the Jars

Using a ruler and the two wood pieces you can measure around how much distance there should be between the jars. This distance should consistently be the same because then the herb garden looks more symmetrical.

In this specific project I used a distance of 8 cm between all the jars because in that way all three jars fit onto the wood and there was still enough space between the jars.

You can make a small mark with a pencil where they should be in place so that it is all in its correct place.

Step 5: Applying the Glue

The next step is to apply the glue. The best type of glue would be specific glue for glass because this is going to hold the strongest.

After you got the correct glue which is needed, you can apply a stripe of glue onto one of the glass sides. Then you can spread the glue equally among the glass, however you need to make sure that it is only on that one surface area and there is no glue on the rest of the glass.

Step 6: Placing the Jars

After you have applied the glue you can place the jars at the marked areas.

Repeat this step with all six jars so that one of the sides is now touching the wood and is hanging from the wood.

You can look at the image below to see where exactly where to apply the glue. However depending on what kind of jars you are using, it might be different. For example, if you use a round jar then you need to be a bit more careful and just apply it on a very small spot.

Step 7: Letting the Glue Dry

One of the final steps for this project is to let the glue dry. For the glue which I used it takes around 48 hours for the glue to dry completely.

Step 8: Placing the Herbs in the Jars

After the glue has dried completely after around 48 hours depending on what glue you have used you can place the herbs in the jars.

Therefore simply remove your herbs from the bucket in which the came in and firstly put the soil in the jars. Then you can carefully place all the herbs in the jars.

After this is done you can add a bit of water just to make sure that they continue growing like before.

Step 9: Decorating the Jars

One of the last steps is to decorate the jars of you want to. Therefore I have used colorful ribbons and a bow like you can see in the pictures below.

Firstly I have simply tied the ribbons around the jars and then took of the tag from the ribbon and placed the side which was sticky onto one of the jars.

Step 10: Placing the Herb Garden

The last step is to place the herb garden wherever you want to. This herbs garden would best be hung on the wall because that probably looks the best. However if you would like it better standing somewhere then you can simply place it against the walls so that it stands up.

If you decide to hand the herb garden onto your wall then you can place a two hooks on the walls (one on both sides) and drill a small hole into the wood (like you can see in the figure below). After this you can hang the place where the holes are onto the hooks.

DONE!!! :)