Introduction: How to Make Your Own Space Shuttle Paper Airplane

Pls follow me as I make it

Step 1: Fold in Half Widthways

Like this

Step 2: Fold Little Triangle One Way Then Other Way

Like dis

Step 3: Making a Fin

Fold the triangle inside itself
This is the fin

End up like the next step

Step 4: End Up Like.....


Step 5: Sides

Fold sides on both sides as shown

Step 6: Flip Up Corners

Like da picchar

Step 7: Fold Da Wings

Having da fun times

Step 8: Fold the Wings Like Dis

And you are done

NOTE: it is not flyable

Step 9: Thank You for Da Support and Da Views. If You Have Da Troubles Brah Then Dis Might Halp Ya Brah

I got the paper from klutz paper airplanes

Step 10: