Introduction: How to Make Your Own Troll House

This is how to make a troll house,best to use this on your friends(they will have a nasty surprise).

Step 1: The Pit

Just do the pit like in the picture. You have to remember to dig a 2 blocks more on the side like in the picture.

Step 2: The Walls and the Roof

Make the walls by putting blocks around the lava,do this again on top of the first layer. Do the roof by putting blocks on top.

Step 3: The Red Stone

Is the hardest step in this instructable. I have a lot of photos I am so sorry to have not tell you what to do. Oh and don't forget to put in the door!

Step 4: The Cover

Cover up the red stone by putting blocks on top and to the side. Please tell me what you want me to do in my next instructable. The end.

Step 5: