Introduction: How to Make a 3D Printed Pencil Clip

This 3D design will allow you to hang your pencil on your clothes and not have sharpened tip poke you. And its cheap to 3D print. Please vote for my project in the TinkerCad contest.


  • 3d printer
  • Filament for your 3d printer
  • Tinkercad

Step 1: Making the First Cylinder

To make the first cylinder that attaches to your pencil, you need to make a cylinder with a 7 mm diameter and a 38 mm height.

Step 2: Making the Second/hole Cylinder

Now make a cylinder that is a hole with a diameter of 6 mm and a height of 63.5 mm. Highlight both shapes and use the align tool to align both centers like the picture above. Finally, make sure both shapes are still highlighted and click the lock edit button on the corner of the page. Once you have clicked the lock edit button, both shapes should have a purple outline.

Step 3: Making the Clip

To make the clip, get a box and make it 63.5 mm tall. Then make the remaining sides both 5 mm and use the align tool to align all 3 shapes like the photo above. Finally, Highlight the first 2 cylinders, unlock them and group everything on the workplane together. Now the first cylinder should have the imprint of the hole cylinder.

Step 4: Making the End Cap

To make the end cap, just take a cylinder and make it 0.1 mm thick. Then change the diameter to 7 mm and use the align tool to align both shapes like the photo above. Finally, highlight both shapes and group it together. Now just 3D print it!

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