Introduction: How to Make a Amazing Flip-book.

I have never made a flipbook before but seen many people make amazing flipbooks on youtube and in real life. I was really interested in seeing if I could do one but I never had the time. In this instructable join me as I try to teach myself and others how to make an amazing flip-book.


  • White index cards ( I recommend a lot of index cards! )
  • An office clip preferably big so it can hold all index cards.
  • Pencils, pens, to draw/color.
  • A light source ( I used a window that had lots of light you can also use something else.)
  • An idea!

Step 1: Getting Inspiration

You can find inspiration about anywhere online, books, TV, even your grandma's house! But when you find it you can get creative and maybe even turn it into a flipbook. But sometimes the best way to get a good idea is to just let your brain flow and use your imagination!

If you are still stuck here are a few ideas!

  • Lost island
  • animals
  • a scene from movie or show
  • nature
  • shapes
  • if you are new to making flipbook try something simple like a person waving hi
  • ocean waves and ship
  • stages of drawings and then at the end it all comes together if that even makes sense??
  • candy land or dreamland
  • underwater
  • people

Step 2: Sketching Out Your Character.

Before you jump right into making your flip-book you should sketch out your character or whatever you are going to make. Even though it takes some time it will help you later when you are an expert on drawing your character it will make the whole thing better! Get inspiration to make a character up- it's all up to you! Sketch it out on a piece of binder paper and modify it to your content, when it's finally done then start to work on your flip-book!

Step 3: Layering and Copying ( Most Important Part)

So in a flip-book, the pictures need to be the same but changed just a little each page for it to look like the character or object on the pages is moving. This is where the light source comes in, as you can see in the pictures at the top you need to layer the next page on to the first one copy it but change the position a tiny bit. Like in the photo above I am making a person wave hello so every page I do I need to adjust their hand a little to make it look like it is lowering. You may want to repeat this process multiple times since the flip-book goes pretty fast and if you only make the thing on the page do something like wave once it will be hardly noticeable. Remember, when making a flip-book don't forget to let your mind flow, don't think too hard just do it, you'll be surprised at how well it turns out!

A nice tip to know when making a flip-book is to number your index cards so you don't get them out of order.

In animation, animators use this method to make each character move.

Step 4: Adding Color

To make sure your flipbook is the best it could be you should include lots of colors to make it nice and fun to look at. Make each page a new experience for the viewer and most importantly make sure it is appealing for you. Use lots of different colors and maybe even textures. If you want to go all out you could even use paints or watercolor then you could really have a piece of art.

When your all done show off your project to everyone maybe even teach someone else how to truly make an amazing flip-book.