Introduction: How to Make a Backpack With a Sweater (TelaPack) in 3 Steps LIFE HACK

The TelaPack is a cheap and easy product to make as it is a backpack created from a sweater. If you're in need of a source of storage quickly then, at best, this should only take 10 minutes at most.Materials required include simply a sweater and a sewing kit.

Step 1: Sew Bottom

Sew the sleeves parallel to the bottom end of the sweater and make your way across from one arm to the other. This will be the bottom of you TelaPack.

Step 2: Sew Arms

Next, sew the arms of the sweater to prevent items from going into your sleeves and also to establish a strap for your TelaPack.

Step 3: Optional

You can place a zipper within the hoodie. The hoodie or neck of the sweater is where you'll insert your items. Lastly, please be very cautious when using a needle and make sure to not mishandle it because it could easily stab you as you are poking a hole through your sweater.

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