Introduction: How to Make a Bed

I created this instructable for those that have never learned how to properly make a bed or feel that they would like to better their health and wellness by kicking an old habit!
On this journey you will discover how to easily make a bed in just a few simple steps. You might even find this task to be apart of your daily routine once you have finished.


What you will need:
• A Messy Bed
• Pillows
• Fresh Linens (To Include: Pillow Cases (For However Many Pillows On Bed), One Fitted Sheet, One Top Sheet, One Comforter)

• Optional: Decorative Pillows/ Blankets

Step 1: Step One

Look at the messy bed in front of you. Take a moment to strip the bed, and gather fresh sheets. (Next step may require laundry if you do not have fresh sheets.)

Step 2: Step Two

Once your bed is stripped, gather the new sheets or freshly washed sheets and place them on the bed.

Step 3: Step Three

You now want to take the fitted sheet and begin by taking a corner of the sheet and place around one of the corners of the bed. You want to do this for all four corners, till it is placed snug all around the bed.

Step 4: Step Four

Once the fitted sheet is snug around all four corners of the bed, you want to gather your top sheet and place it on the bed. Make sure it is portrait style and not horizontal so it fits properly on said bed.

Step 5: Step Five

You now want spread the top sheet out over the bed, and have some of the sheet hanging a little off the bottom of the bed so you are able to tuck in the sheets in the following step.

Step 6: Step Six

You now want to go to the foot of the bed and tuck the top sheet that is hanging off the bottom of the bed underneath the mattress so it looks nice and crisp.

Step 7: Step Seven

Now go to the right side of the bed or the left, it is up to your choosing (I have chosen the right) and you want to tuck in a corner of the sheet a quarter of the way up. Once you have done that, lift up the remaining sheet and you are going to want to tuck that over what you have just folded. Once you have done this step repeat on the other side.

Step 8: Step Eight

Your top sheet should now be tucked in at the foot of the bed as well as in the left and right side of the mattress about a quarter of the way up.

Step 9: Step Nine

You now want to add the comforter on top of the bed just like we did with the top sheet. Only this time we are not tucking this in, we are lighting laying it over our work.

Step 10: Step Ten

We are almost done. On this step you want to pull back the covers a quarter of the way down and have them laying on top of the comforter.

Step 11: Step Eleven

Place pillow cases onto pillows and then proceed to add the pillows on top of the sheets. (You may have a different amount of pillows than I do, it all depends on preference.)

Step 12: Step Twelve (Optional)

You have now officially completed making your bed, and it was very simple. This step is optional but for those that would like to follow this task, you may place decorative pillows and or blankets on top of the finished product for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Thanks for following my Instructable and I hope I have helped you in your Bed-Making-Journey.