Introduction: How to Make a Bed Perfect Everytime

In this instructable I'll go over how to make a bed perfectly every time. I do not like to spend a lot of extra time making my bed every morning, and the tricks included in this instructable help with that and will make your bed look great in seconds!

Whether you are a light, deep, stationary, or active sleeper, making your bed is an activity that is part of your life. With these simple adjustments, making your bed can be a very brief activity.


Fitted sheet, top sheet, bed skirt, comforter, pillows, and throw blanket.

Step 1: Bed Skirt

The bed skirt is the part that covers the space between the bed frame and the floor. If your bedframe is a unique style, or does not support a bed skirt, skip this step.

The easiest way to place a bed skirt would be to lift the mattress and position the fabric so that the seams match up to the edge of the mattress when laid down.

Once the bed skirt is situated between the mattress and box spring, you can gently tug on areas that got pulled under the mattress or tuck in areas that have excess fabric hanging down. Making sure that it is even all the way around will ensure a classy look.

Step 2: Fitted Sheet

The fitted sheet is the piece that has cinches around the corners. This will ultimately serve as the barrier between you and the mattress.

Open the sheet up and make sure you have the corners of the bed and the sheet paired properly. Upon placement of the sheet on the mattress, stretch it completely over the corner and slightly tucked under the mattress. This will prevent it from popping off and needing to be put on again later.

Step 3: Top Sheet

The purpose of a top sheet is to protect your blanket/comforter. This piece is optional.

Open the top sheet up and find the end that has a wide boarder around the edge. This is the top end that goes on the end of the mattress that pillows are on. Place the top side (opposite from the side with the tag) down onto the fitted sheet. This will be necessary for a future step.

Tuck in the loose top sheet all around the edge of the mattress. Be sure to not tuck it in too tight, about two inches will do.

Step 4: Comforter

The comforter should be placed directly on top of the top sheet, making sure that it hangs over each side of the bed equally. Tuck the foot end of the comforter in between the box spring and mattress.

Fold the top sheet and comforter back, allowing enough room for the pillows at the top of the bed.

- NOTE: By placing the top sheet top side down, this allowed you to fold it over the edge of the comforter and create a put-together look!

Tucking the comforter in is an essential piece in shortening the overall time for making your bed.

Step 5: Pillows

Pillows can be as many as six or as few as one. They should be placed in the gap created by folding the comforter and sheet back.

Step 6: Future Helpfulness

Now that the ends of the top sheet and comforter are tucked in, once you wake up and get out of bed, the only steps needed to make your bed will be to sling back the comforter and top sheet (can be done at the same time) and straighten the pillows. The whole bed making process can now be done in a couple seconds!