Introduction: How to Make a Birdhouse

You will learn how to build a birdhouse in the following steps.

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need the computer program Auto desk Inventor.

A laser cutter is needed along with the ability to access a computer to cut out the parts of the birdhouse.

Step 2: Create a Side Wall

You want to make side walls. The two side pieces will be the same so you only have to make one and then duplicate it.

Step 3: Create Front Wall

The front will have two holes, one for the bird to go through, this one will be on the top and big enough fro the bird to fit in. Then, you will create a hole on the bottom and glue a peg that comes out of the house for the bird to stand on. After that you need to make the interlocking sides and they need to be the right dimensions so that they fit together with the other side walls. You can see all of the dimensions needed above.

Step 4: Create Back Wall

The back wall is just like the front but without the hole. It has the same dimensions for length and width as well as the interlocking sides.

Step 5: Create Roof

The roof is very easy it's just a square. See dimensions above.

Step 6: Create Floor

The floor is easy to make as well. See dimensions above.

Step 7: Put the Pieces on a Drawing File

You need to press new and then select the drawing file. Place all the pieces onto this file so that you can easily laser cut it.

Step 8: Laser Cut

Laser cut all the pieces of your birdhouse using the drawing file.

Step 9: Put Together the Birdhouse

You may need to sand down some parts to make them fit together. Once you make it so they fit together, glue all the interlocking sides onto the floor piece. When you have finished with that, glue the top piece on. Let it dry, and then spray a gloss finish

Step 10: Put Birdhouse in a Tree

Put your birdhouse wherever you want.

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