Introduction: How to Make a Bona-O-Lantern

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Gather your materials and set up your workstation. Be careful not to carve your jack-o-lantern on top of a surface that you could damage with your tools! We recommend laying out a durable cutting mat to carve on.


  • Pumpkin (if using a real pumpkin, empty out its seeds first)
  • Printed Bona pattern
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors
  • Sharp carving tool (Ask an adult to help!)
  • Candle (real or flameless)

Step 1: Cut Out the Pattern

Using scissors or your carving tool, carefully cut out the black pieces of the printed Bona pattern. These pieces represent the parts of your pumpkin that you will be cutting out later. Don’t throw out the rest of the pattern sheet — you’ll need that later!

Step 2: Tape the Pattern to Your Pumpkin

Gather all of the black pattern pieces that you cut out in the previous step and begin taping them to your pumpkin. Refer to your original white pattern sheet to remember which piece goes where.

Step 3: Carve Your Jack-o-Lantern

Delicately carve into your pumpkin around the black pattern pieces using your carving tool. If your carving tool is sharp, be careful and ask an adult for help if needed. Try not to cut out any pieces outside the black pattern, but don’t worry if you make a mistake; you can always fix it with glue, tape, or toothpicks!

Finally, place your candle or another source of light inside your jack-o-lantern to make it glow!

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