Introduction: How to Make a Book Without Glue, Staples, or Tape

There is a way to make a book without tape, glue or staples.

The materials you need are:
-A Pair of Sisccors

You might need many sheets of paper based on what you are making, but keep this in mind one sheet of paper equals 4 pages.

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Pay atention to the captions

Step 1: Fold It

First you fold the paper in half hamburger style.

Step 2: Cut the Beef

Time to use the sisccors do what the captions in the picture tell you.

Step 3: More Cutting

Now cut along this line.

Step 4: This Is the Last Time You Will Use the Sisccors

For this step fold the paper in half hamburger style

Now take the other piece of paper and cut like this...

Step 5: Insert

I dont know how to explain this. T_T

Just follow the pictures.

Oh and by the way to add more pages just follow step 4&5 you would need more sheets of paper if you do this.

Step 6: The End

There you have it no tape, no glue, and no staples