Introduction: How to Make a Bruise

This Instructable will show you, step-by-step, how to create an authentic bruise. It's not difficult! All you will need is yellow, black, brown, and white eyeshadow.

Step 1: Line Your Eye With Foundation

Line your eye with foundation or concealer so they eyeshadow pops and has a base to stick to. I love and would recommend the Maybelline Fit me Foundation. It glides on smoothly and works as a great eyeshadow base.

Step 2: Apply Yellow Base

Take a yellow eyeshadow and lightly dab with a fluffy eyeshadow brush all over the eye. This creates that sick looking base needed for a bruise.

Step 3: Add Black

Bruises have many different colorings. To add authenticity, add black on top of the spots where there was originally yellow. Leave a little yellow showing around the edges. I am using Urban Decay's Naked Palette for this look, but any black works! Make sure it's matte, or at least that it does not have TOO much shimmer.

Step 4: Add Brown

Adding brown is what will really create that freshly-punched face. As creepy as that is...! Add brown right around the inner corner of the eye. Bruises tend to radiate the darkness from this spot.

Step 5: Add White to Edges

Add white all around the edges of the bruise. This keeps the color the highlight of the face and cleans up edges. It also makes the dark colors pop!

Step 6: Add Yellow

The last step is to add yellow around the white. This will top off the sickly looking eye! It may not seem necessary, but it really is truly needed. Add yellow just below the brow and on top of the brow. Make sure to add yellow under the white, near the middle of the nose.

Step 7: Go Celebrate Your Well-executed Bruises!

After ALL of your hard work, go have an amazing Halloween! Show off your amazing bruises!