Introduction: How to Make a Cape

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This is a very simple method.

There are some basic measurements but it is best to check against your body

Step 1: Measure the Fabric

Start of with a length of fabric a little longer than from your shoulders to the floor

*optional* pull it over your head and pretend to be a ghost

Step 2: Measure the Hood

Start off at about 55cm from front to back and about 70cm across and over

Adjust size according to how big your head is and how big you want the cowel to be

Do remember to leave room for the hem

It is always better to cut too much fabric than too little

Step 3: Pin the Hood for the Hem

Just so that there are no frayed edges

You want to look badass not careless

Step 4: Trim the Edges

The corners will overlap when they are folded in

Cut diagonally away so that they match up together in a perfect line

Step 5: Sew the Hem

Now it's time to sew the hem

*optional* make yourself a nun

Step 6: Hem the Cape

Again, you don't want to look scruffy

Also check the length of the cape now. I made mine a little long.

Measure from your shoulder to the ground and add 5cm for hem

But do remember to pin it and try it on - that way you will be able to adjust accordingly

Step 7: Join the Hood to the Cape

Pin the end of the hood to the end of the cape

Step 8: Gather

This part is the most difficult of all

Gather the cape and pin the folds to fit into the hood

Remember the hood is smaller than the cape, so you will have to try to evenly gather the cape so that the ends meet on either side.

It may take a few tries but you will get there in the ended

Step 9: Sew the Gathers

Go slowly, especially if your material is a little thicker

REMEMBER that there needs to be an inside and an outside.

Connect the two and make sure the folds etc are all facing one direction. That will be the inside of the cape

AKA The part you don't want people to see

Almost there!

Step 10: Sew the Hood Closed

Take the open and unsewn edges of the hood and put them together - you will see it beginning to take place.

Pop in a few pins and remember again that the seam needs to be on the inside

This may require that you turn the cape inside out in a manner of speaking

Step 11: Sew It

Sew your hood and flip that baby the right way back round

Step 12: Clasp

I simply used a brooch to put at the throat where the cape needs to close and then you slide it over your head

Step 13: Tada!

Your very own cape