Introduction: How to Make a Cereal Box Notebook

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Hello, everybody! This is Gamer Bro Cinema, and today, we're not gonna be teaching you how to do something video game related, we're gonna teach how to make a cereal box notebook! Let's get started!

Step 1: Get Cereal Boxes!

First step: get cereal boxes (duh)! How are you gonna make cereal box notebooks without cereal boxes?! Get cereal boxes from a friend or family, get cereal boxes with cereal in it from the store and eat all the cereal in one day (and probably get sick)! Just get cereal boxes!!!!!!!!

Step 2: Get Scissors!

Well, you can cut without scissors, can you? So, get scissors!

Step 3: Use Scissors to Cut the Front (or Back or Both) of the Cereal Boxes!

What are you going to do without the front or back or both of the sides of the cereal boxes? Well, you can't use them, nothing. So cut out some sides and get to work!

Step 4: Get Paper!

What's a notebook without paper? Well, it's just 2 pieces or a piece of folded cardboard! So, get paper!

Step 5: Put the Paper Inside the Front or Back or Both of the Cereal Box.

If you don't put the paper inside the cereal box front, you don't have paper! So, put a few pieces of paper inside the cereal box front!

Step 6: Fold the Cereal Box Front (or Back or Both) Perfectly With the Paper Inside It.

A notebook is not a notebook unless it's folded like a book. So, get that thing folded!

Step 7: Get a Sewing Machine!

If you want to sew the cereal box front (or back or both) than you need to have a sewing machine! If you don't get one, than you can't sew!

Step 8: Sew the Folded Piece of Cereal Box So It Won't Keep on Opening and You're Cereal Box Notebook Is Complete!

You don't want your cereal box notebook to keep on opening and opening and opening, right? IT'S SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, if you want your cereal box notebook to stay closed, sew it!

Step 9: Write in Your Notebook!

See?! That may sound hard, but it's pretty easy! These can be kept as a craft in your house, you can sell these to other people, you can do lots of other things, too! I hope you had fun learning about how to make a cereal box notebook! Make your own instructable about this! Have fun with your new and improved cereal box notebook!

Gamer Bro Cinema out!

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