Introduction: How to Make an Awesome Profile Picture for Your Chromebook

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Hello, everyone! This is Gamer Bro Cinema, and today, we're gonna be teaching you how to make an awesome YouTube profile picture for your YouTube channel! This kind of profile picture can only be done on a Chromebook. Let's get started!

Step 1: Click on the Key That Has a Magnifying Glass on It and Find This Icon and Click It.

You can't take a picture of yourself without a camera, right? Well, this icon takes you to the camera. So, just click on this icon and you're there!

Step 2: You're Chromebook Camera Looks Like This. If It Looks Like That, Then You're There!

By the way, that's me, Joel from Gamer Bro Cinema. I'm the one who made this Instructable. Your camera should not have me on it, just for you to note. It should have you on it or whatever your camera is pointing at. Ok, let's move on.

Step 3: Click on This Icon in the Corner.

I bet your wondering. What does this icon do? I looks useless. I know. But it's not. Just wait and see.

Step 4: When You Click on the Icon, This Will Pop Up.

Like in the title, when you click on that icon, this will pop up. The thing that will pop up is the first picture. Also, you have a moving bar at the bottom that you can use. The moving bar is the second picture. There is also normal mode. That is the third picture.

Step 5: After You Pick Your Mode, Click the Icon Again, and the Modes Will Go Away. Next, You Will See This Bar at the Bottom of the Camera. Click on This Button.

If you click on this red button, it takes your picture. Congratulations! You took you're picture! Next step!

Step 6: Click on This Icon.

If you click on this icon, it will take you to all the pictures you've taken. Click on that icon.

Step 7: Click on a Picture. Then Click on This Icon.

So first, click on a picture. Then click on that icon, and it will take you to your files!

Step 8: Click on This Button in Your Files.

When you click on this button, your picture will be downloaded into your download files! Now for the last step......

Step 9: Go on Your YouTube Account and Change Your Profile Picture to the Picture You Just Took!

The last step......... change your profile picture! Congratulations! You have your profile picture changed! Have fun with it! This was Gamer Bro Cinema! I hoped you learned something! Have a good time with your new profile picture!

Gamer Bro Cinema out!