How to Make a Charging Station Robot From TRASH!!! BONUS: How to Make a Light Bulb Socket From Trash...

Introduction: How to Make a Charging Station Robot From TRASH!!! BONUS: How to Make a Light Bulb Socket From Trash...

I will be showing you how to make a Charging Station Robot. This is a model that looks like a robot but is a charging station and a lamp. This will be a step by step "How To". Thanks

Warning: if made wrong could lethally shock you!


Materials: You will need a lightbulb, lightbulb holder/socket, outlet, an outlet cover, a switch, metal tubes(or a black PVC pipe), wire, electrical wire, clamps, heavy-duty wire, sandpaper, paint of your choice (Optional), and an unneeded metal box.
Tools: 2 Pliers (one of them should be a needle nose), a saw or something that can cut metal), safety goggles (recommended), and a Dremel (something that can cut things easily and can do it in a design).

Step 1: The Body

Use a sharpie to outline the outlet cover onto the box. Draw and outline for the light switch cover as well. Then cut them both out. After that, attach the outlet and the switch to the metal box. Then make a small hole where the head wires will be.

Step 2: The Head

Put the wires through the head hole and then hot glue the light bulb socket/holder to the top of the head. If you don't have a light bulb socket come back to this step and go on to the next.

Step 3: How to Make a Light Bulb Socket (The Bonus Part)

First, grab an empty tape roll and wire the inside with bare wire. Then grab some partially bare wire and wrap tinfoil around it. Put the tinfoil on the bottom of the tape roll. Make sure the inner wire and the tinfoil don't touch (will short out). Then attach wires to the tinfoil and another to the inner wire. Those will act as a positive and a negative. There is no grounding wire, sadly. Be careful...

Step 4: Legs and Arms

Make the legs and arms by attaching some pipe to the robot's body.

Step 5: Base

Find a sturdy flat object. Then cut the candy tube into a cup-holder. Then glue the robot to the charging station. After that, glue the cup-holder to the base as well.

Step 6: Paint Job ( Optional )

If you want your robot to look cool paint the outside of the body and legs. DO NOT DO THE HEAD/LIGHTBULB

Step 7: Wiring

Wire the positive end of the bulb socket to the switch. Then have the negative wire and positive wire of the bulb and wire it to the cord. Have a few wires going from the cord to the outlet.

Step 8: Finished!!!

Plug the cord in and Wall-a!!!, You've made a charging station lamp. Show off your new lamp to your friends and family. Give as a gift or just have next to you on your bedside table or desk. Have Fun!!

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    2 years ago

    Hey there, i got a question regarding your wiring.
    The DMM In the first picture shows 5Volts DC coming from the outlet.
    How is that, did i miss something?
    To me it seems as if you connected a cable going to mains with the outlet on the robot, hence there should be AC Voltage.
    In case it realy goes do mains, make sure to add a grounding to your metal box, since the sharp edges in the case are definitely going to cut one of these cables at some point.

    Sebastian Leo
    Sebastian Leo

    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes, In the picture it does say 5 volts are coming out. I didn’t want to be playing with 120v so I attached an adapter so instead of 120v running through the outlet there is only 5v. Much safer.
    -You can probably want to use a different plug that an adapter if you want the lamp to charging something. Or you can make your own.
    -Instead of the AC outlet I used, you can use a USB outlet instead with the same wiring as I had.
    By the way, thanks for the grounding idea, I probably do need a grounding wire. I will also use sandpaper to grind down the sharp edges. Thank you for all the Ideas and helping me fix the flaws!!! Enjoy!