Introduction: How to Make a Chicago Style Pizza

About: We are just a couple of friends who love shooting how to videos with a touch of funny. Our goal is to make how to videos great again, just like America!

Recorded live in the Doing it with Jason Studio. In this we show you how to make a great deep dish pizza. By we, I mean Chicago Johnny and I. I loved eating this sucker! The best eat of the day!! I hope you guys enjoy.

Step 1: Mix It Up

First you want to make the dough. Details in video!

Step 2: Dress That Pan

Add some fat to grease the pan

Step 3: Dough in the Pan

Spread that dough around

Step 4: Cheese First!

Be sure to add the cheese first not the sauce.. sauce is last Step!!

Step 5: Now the Sauce

After adding the cheese and toppings, you can finally add the sauce and bake and eat!!!