Introduction: How to Make a Chicken Sandwich

In this project Im going to make a simple and delicious chicken sandwich which only take about 10 min and it is cheap to make. The reason that I wanted to make this is for people who don't have a lot of money like college students and what something cheap and healthy.

Step 1: Get All Your Ingredients Ready

The ingredients and tools that I have are:
Cutting knife and a bread knife A baguette, Avocado, Tomato, Lettuce, Chipotle sauce, Cutting board, Cooking oil, Pan.

Step 2:

Now that you have all your ingredients you are going to want to heat up the pan on medium heat, after 30-40 sec add oil to the pan, it only has to cover the bottom layer for the chicken not to stick. Then you add the chicken and wait about 2-3 min until you see golden brown colors.

Step 3:

After 2-3 min you flip your chicken and wait another 2 min for it to be done. Once the chicken is golden brown on both sides you pull out the chicken and rest it on the cutting board.

Step 4:

Now that you are done with the chicken you are going to want to cut the tomato and avocado into slices so that you can fit them properly onto the sandwich. You are also going to want to cut the bread and make it so the chicken fits perfectly onto the sandwich.

Step 5:

Everything is done, all you have to do now is assemble the sandwich. The way I did it is I put the chipotle sauce on the buns, then I added the chicken and I added the tomatoes, avocado and lettuce.

Step 6: Full Video on How to Make It.