Introduction: How to Make a Classic Grilled Ham and Swiss

Making very easy classic sandwiches that taste great are an amazing thing to be able to include in your life. Just something easy to make for lunch at home is really nice, and convenient especially when it's a delicious little treat. Learning how to make an easy sandwich that tastes great is awesome.

- First this is a delicious sandwich to make that you will always be in the mood for.

- Second this is an easy instruction set to remember it forever.

- Third It's a sandwich that you almost always have the ingredients for.

- Lastly it's something that everyone should now how to make which is a useful skill if you don't know how to already.

And if you don't know how to make it, don't sweat it, just keep reading below.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

First things first, you should collect all of your tools and ingredients to make sure you have everything you need to make the sandwich. All the food items your going to need are going to be pretty simple.

  • You need two loaves of bread, (preferably something like wheat or sourdough).
  • Swiss cheese
  • Ham.
  • You should grab how much Swiss or Ham you want according to when you construct your sandwich how much you want and how you want to layer your toppings.
  • And lastly Butter.

You'll also want to grab a griddle or other flat pan to cook it on. You will also need a butter knife, and a spatula. (you will be cooking the sandwich on a stove.) You also should grab a plate.

Step 2: Butter Your Bread

Step 2 is to butter your bread. Take your butter knife and your two pieces of bread now spread some butter evenly along one individual side on each piece of bread. Now you should have two pieces of bread both with one face with butter.

Step 3: Construct Your Sandwich

In the next step you are going to take one of your pieces of bread and place it on your griddle or pan on a stove on the side with butter on it facing down having a plain side of bread facing up. Then Place your Swiss and Ham on the bread with however much you want and in any order you want it. Then place your other piece of bread on the rest of the sandwich with the buttered side facing up and the plain side facing down. Then turn your burner on to half heat.

Step 4: Cooking Your Sandwich

Step 4 of cooking your sandwich will include after turning your burner on to half heat, waiting on your sandwich to start cooking and the stove to heat up, wait a bit until the stove heats up and your the bottom part of your sandwich starts to turn brown and gets crispy, you are going to have to check often, and once you think the ham and Swiss is all nice and gooey and the bread looks like it is cooked enough you can grab your spatula and flip your sandwich over.

Step 5: Prepare Your Sandwich

The next step is to to cook the other side of your sandwich doing the same thing as before. You are going to half to check to see if your sandwich is ready more often because the stove is already hot so the sandwich will be ready sooner. Once you think it is done you can use your spatula to take the sandwich off of the pan and put it on your plate. Once it is all cooked you can cut it with your butter knife or just leave it whole.

Step 6: Your All Set

Nice work! Your all done, now you can start to eat your delicious sandwich.

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