Introduction: How to Make a Computer Game(in Unity)

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Perhaps the biggest tribute that a gamer can make for his love of games is to make a game himself.

Hi my name is Vazgi and in this instructable I am going to teach you how to make a computer game.

Let`s have some fun making a game!

Things you will need:

  • Decent pc or laptop.
  • Some free time.
  • The drive to make your first game.


I am in no way a professional game developer so please don`t criticize me for any mistakes that I may have made.

I just love computer games!!!

Step 1: The Engine

Ok, so the first thing you need is an engine. An engine is the backbone of a game. Basicly the engine creates the game world. There are many popular engines. There is unity, unreal engine, cryengine and many more. There are many videos and documentation on each of them so just pick one.

I personaly use unity for 2 major reasons.

  • first in unity porting a game for a different system is as easy as doing a couple clicks.
  • second the Unity asset store.

Step 2: The Assets

Assets are the second thing you will need to make a game.Basicly everything is an asset in a game. Scripts, sounds, animations, 3d objects, everythings is an asset. And unity provides its users with a large amount of content made by the team of unity or by other users. Some are paid some are not. I would suggest to stick to the free for your first game. If you have picked another engine a good idea is to learn to use a 3d modelling software such as blender ,maya or zbrush.

Step 3: Lower Your Expectations

Concerning your first game I have to disappoint you that your game would be nothing like Skyrim, Bioshock or The Witcher or any well-known video game.A good idea is to start small so that you don’t just quit in the beginning. Try making a really simple game like Mario or space invaders. Make it small and make it work. Then slowly go to more complicated projects.

Step 4: Share With Your Friends

The last part is to share it with your friends.

Ok, so what`s the point to a game if only you are the only one that plays it. You probably have dozens or even

hundreds of friends in the social medias. Facebook, Twitter ,Youtube share it everywhere.

But don`t get discouraged if there are some bad remarks on your game. Use it to better your game. In the end they will be able to give you feedback witch you can use to make your game better. And as time goes by you will get better and better.

Step 5: The Sample Game From the Video

As I said before your first game must be simple not something too complicated. In the first picture you see the game from the step by step video. And on the second almost the same game just with the 3dmodel platforms not just cubes (such a simple 3d model can be created in less then an hour even if the person had no previous knowledge of 3d modeling software). So just make something fun for you then look to please the audience.

Step 6: Scripting

In Unity you can write code in javascript or in c#. But an interesting thing is that you can use both of them in the same project. So if you have a friend who only know js and you only know C# you can still make a game together.

Here are the scripts I used in the game:


#pragma strict

private var drawGUI = false; private var doorIsClosed = true;

function OnTriggerEnter(theCollider : Collider){
if (theCollider.tag == "Player") {
drawGUI = true; } }

function OnTriggerExit(theCollider : Collider){
if (theCollider.tag == "Player") {
drawGUI = false;
} }

function OnGUI () {
if (drawGUI == true){ = = = 23;
GUI.Box(Rect (Screen.width*0.5-51,200,220,38), "You Won The Game");
} }


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class FallingScript : MonoBehaviour {

public GameObject Cube;

void OnTriggerEnter (Collider col) { if (col.gameObject.tag == "Floor") { this.transform.position = Cube.transform.position; } }


Step 7: The End

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I hope you make an awsome game.

If you like please share it (your game) with us in the comment section below.


This is my second instructable so I may have made some mistake feel free to point them out to me so I can better myself.

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