Introduction: How to Build a 2-Story Cosy Cabin in Minecraft

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Hi All,

In this instructable i will teach you how to make a cosy 2-story cabin in minecraft.

Materials needed:

13 x wooden fences

2 x coblestone fences

2 x doors

102 x oak planks

45 x oak slabs

63 x oak stairs

28 x glass blocks

24 x coblestone

12 x birch wood

3 x coblestone stairs

Step 1: First Layer

Making the first layer

Step 2: Second Layer

Making the second layer

Step 3: Third Layer

Making the third layer

Step 4: Forth Layer

Making the forth layer

Step 5: Fifth Layer

Making the fifth layer

Step 6: Sixth Layer

Making the sixth layer

Step 7: Seventh Layer

Making the seventh layer

Step 8: Final Layer

Making the final layer

Step 9: Decorate and Incorporate in Your World

I hope you have liked my instructable.

The last thing that you need to do is personalize the cabin and to make it in your world.

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