Introduction: How to Make a Concrete Lamp?

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Among home craftsmen, the most popular consumable is concrete, from which you can make a lot of a variety of interior items, for example, a decorative lighting fixture. This building material is quite convenient to use, while it is inexpensive. Lamps made of concrete are rather heavy, but this does not affect their functionality. Such decorative products are perfect for any design decisions in the design of interior spaces.

Step 1:

To make such a lamp, we need:

- Cement

- sand

- Capacity (I used a food container)

- light bulb

- Base and electrical wire with plug and switch.

Step 2:

I took a plastic container and mark it in the center of one of the sides and cut a half-circle for the bulb base.

Step 3:

I prepare concrete. I took in proportions 1: 1, 2 glasses of cement and 2 glasses of sand. And another 1 glass of water. The main thing is not to add excess water. The finished solution should resemble a cookie dough. The mixture should be thoroughly mixed.

Marked out how the bulb in the container will be located.

Step 4:

Now you need to protect the light bulbs and the base from the cement mixture. I took a plastic bag and electrical tape. Important! Need to kick all the air out of the bag!

Step 5:

I fixed the bulb with hot glue.

Step 6:

So that the mold could easily separate from the concrete after it dries, I prepared a soap solution and greased the container and the bulb.

Step 7:

I fill in concrete. That the bulb was at the necessary level to me, I installed a weighting compound.

Step 8:

Left to dry for two days. I carefully remove the light bulb and remove the remnants of the adhered plastic bag.

Step 9:

I cleaned it with scissors.

Step 10:

In order for the bulb to be fixed in concrete form, I drilled 2 holes and pasted neodymium magnets into them. Two magnets are enough to hold the light bulb. For greater reliability, you can add a couple more.

Step 11:

It remains to apply a primer and connect the wire to the base.

Step 12:

That's all, the lamp is ready. I hope you enjoyed it!

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