How to Make a Desk Tidy

Introduction: How to Make a Desk Tidy

This desk tidy has three cups of different sizes which all can hold different pieces of stationairy equipent. there are four peices in this design. This include the 3D printed base and three different sized polypropelene pieces. the following instructible qill guide you through the process of making this desk tidy.

Step 1: Upload the STL File to the Printer

Step 2: Print the Base

This process takes around 8 hours

Step 3: Clean Up Base

After printing, there may be strands of excess material. use sandpaper to sand down and get rid of excess material.

use a knife or a thin object to get any small pieces of plastic our of any of the small slits

Step 4: Measure Out the Poly Propylene Lengths

The 3 pieces of polypropylene all have different lengths due to their respective sizes.

the sizes for the pieces are:

  1. 130mm x 70mm
  2. 195mm x 90mm
  3. 225mm x 110mm

For cutting it out you can either use a Stanley knife or scissors. they both work equally as well

Step 5: Slide the Pieces Into the Slots

Place each piece of polypropylene in the slot with the corresponding size. make sure to be careful as the shafts sticking up will break with relative ease.

Step 6: Fix Up Any Rough Edges

Fix up any mismatches in the polypropylene or and bad pieces of plastic.

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