Introduction: How to Make a Dollar Bill Shirt (with a Tie)

These procedures will guide you to make a shirt and tie out of a dollar bill.


$1 bill

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Grab the $1 bill and get ready to begin!

Step 2: Starting Creases

Take $1 bill and fold hot dog style to create a crease in the middle of the dollar bill.

Step 3: Creating the Width of the Shirt

Fold each side of the bill to meet the crease in the middle.

Step 4: Making the Top of the Shirt

Hold the dollar bill vertically where the letter is towards the top. Take each corner at the top and fold them down and towards the middle to make a “triangle”.

Step 5: Fold Over

Fold the triangle down and you will have (covering the letter).

Step 6: Making Creases for Tie

Unfold the triangle and use the crease to reference when doing these next few procedures. Pinch the middle of the seal and create two creases where they meet with the bottom of the smaller white triangle at the top of your previous fold. (45-degree angle from the seal to the two bottom points).

Step 7: Creating the Tie

Turn the dollar bill over and you will now be looking at what you saw in Step 5, but with creases. Then you will hold the tip of the triangle with your thumb and hold the right edge with your index finger. Press down and follow the crease you made and push the right side in under the newly formed first half of the tie. Repeat on the left side to complete the tie.

Step 8: Finishing Touches of the Tie

Use the creases form the Step 3-folds and fold the outside the same way towards the middle. While doing that, tuck it under the tie.

Step 9: Creating the Collar

Flip the dollar bill to make the tie at the bottom. Fold downward where the white and green meet on the skirt of the bill.

Step 10: Collar Folds

Flip the bill over to where you can see the “ONE” and the pyramid is at the top. Take the top corners and fold them towards the design at the top. (This is not the same fold as what you did earlier for the triangle).

Step 11: Finish the Collar

Flip the dollar bill back over. Fold the collar to where it meets the tie.

Step 12: Create Sleeves

Then you will unfold the collar. Pinch where the crease is that you just made in Step 11. Use your thumb and index finger to make an opening with the flaps on the side. Use the crease as a point of where to pinch and fold the collar upwards, making the sleeves.

Step 13: Finish the Shirt and Tie

Fold the backside of the dollar and make sure to meet the top of the tie side and collar side. Then put the collar over the top of the tie side.

Step 14: Now You're Finished!

Congratulations, you have now completed a dollar bill shirt and tie!