Introduction: How to Make a Dream/Vision Board: Goals Don't Happen Until They're Made

If you are scared of the future, you are not alone! Like riding a bike, at first, it is scary but the more familiar you become with it the more confidence you will build. A dream board is the perfect way to think through and gain confidence in what you are doing and want to do.


  • 1 Piece of Cardboard/Posterboard
  • 1 Stencil approx. 12"x12" (we chose a star
  • approx. 1'x1', but you can choose any shape)
  • 1 Pair of Scissors
  • 1 Packet of Construction Paper
  • 1 Glue Stick
  • 1 Pack of Markers
  • Magazines
  • Meaningful Pictures/Quotes

Step 1: Create Your Goals

  1. On a sheet of paper, make 6 columns
  2. Name each column one of the following: Family, School, Finance, Personal, Material, Leisure.
  3. Write 2-3 goals for each category
    1. Example of Financial Goal: Save $200 per month to save up for a car.

**This will not be used in your vision board, but is to help get you thinking about your goals/visions**

Step 2: Gather Equipment

  • Stencil
  • Construction Paper
  • Cardboard/Posterboard
  • Glue stick - Adhesive for your goals and images onto the board.
  • Scissors - Cutting images out of the magazines and/or colored paper as background to writing.
  • Markers/Sharpies - Personalizing and designing your goals.
  • Magazine - Meaningful pictures or quotes of things related to you.
  • Printed out pictures

Step 3: Making Your Board

  • Trace star stencil onto the cardboard.
  • Cut the cardboard along the tracing

Step 4: Incorporating Your Goals

  • Find images in magazines or online, printed pictures, and/or write down words that relate to your goals on construction paper
  • Cut out the images you found and words you wrote
  • Align them on the board in a way that makes sense to you
    • Example: placing one picture slightly on top of the other to symbolize the connection between the two.
  • Glue images/words to your board