Introduction: How to Make a Drill Press Stand With Storage Space From Recycled Materials

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I built this drill press stand from recycled materials I found, wood and metal.

At this point, until I have my own workshop, the Drill Press is standing outside on the porch of my house.

In the future I intend to improve the stand and add the option of connecting it to the floor, to give it more stability.

If you pay attention, you'll see that I left the Iron profile open on the sides, I did it because I want to make arms that will support long materials during drilling.

I hope that in the future I'll build and share the continuation of this project.

Hope you will like this project, and if you have any comments,Please write to me.

Thank you!

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Step 1: Measurements

Step 2: Remove Old Paint

After cuting all profiles to mesurments I removed the old paint with an angle grinder, to make it easier to weld and then also paint.

Step 3: Tack Weld the First Rectangle.

Step 4: Diagonal ​Check

Checked that the diagonal dimensions were the same.

I deliberately left the profiles open, in the future I intend to build an extra accessory that will support long parts while drilling.

Step 5: Legs

Tack weld the four legs.

Connect four stretchers 20 cm from the bottom.

After all the pieces were in place, I full weld everything.

Step 6: Structure for Sidings

The flat metal with the holes will be used to attach wooden coverings on the sides.

Step 7: Paint

I painted the iron structure with primer paint and then with gray color.

Step 8: Preparing the Wood

I cut wood surfaces into measurements.

For the large surfaces I had to put two pieces together to get the desired size.

My son help me with that :)

Step 9: Wood Paint

Painted them all white with Oil-based paint.

Step 10: Upper Plate Screws

I connect the upper plate to the iron structure with 4 drilling screws, I screwed them deep in the wood so they'd be under the surface line.

Step 11: Caps

I put four plastic caps in the bottom of the legs.

In the future when I have my own studio I will remove the plastic caps and weld Iron surface with four holes instead, and connect the stand to the floor with screws, today the stand is secure between two heavy closets and I work carefully.

It's important that you know:

If you're going to follow my instructable:

Please connect the Stand to the floor with screws !!!

For your own personal and environmental safety.

Step 12: Connect Sidings

I attach the wood surfaces to the iron structure with wooden screws.

Step 13: Drill Hole for the Door Handle.

Step 14: Door Stopper

magnet for holding the door closed and as a door stopper.

A piece of metal for the magnet.

Step 15: Connect the Drill Press to the Stand

I drilled four holes in the upper plate – preparation for screws that would catch the drill-press to the stand.

I put the drill-press on the stand and attach it to the stand with four long bolts and nuts below.

Step 16: Inside View

Now working with the drill-press is convenient, easy and I have another storage space.


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