Introduction: How to Make a Food Website With

The first thing you do to create a wix website is to sign in. The picture above show the wix website an if you look in the top right corner you will see the sign up button. Just click that and you will have to type in your email and a password. After that wix will ask a few questions and once you answer those you will be on your way to creating a website.

Step 1: Arriving at Your Website

Now it will take you to your customized website were you will start writing a paragraph. Once you start writing your paragraph you can start looking around and depending on what website you use there will be deferent fun features to use like adding pictures, pages, and more!

Step 2: Creating Your First Post!

To create your first post you will scroll down and see a button that you press to add your first post. When you add your first post you are free to put any pictures, words, and really anything you want on your post but, incase you like templates they also have easy templates you can follow that do make life a lot easier. You can always go back and edit your posts with the little edit button.

Step 3: How to Publish You Post

Once you are done with your post you go to the bottom of the screen and there should be a blue button that says publish changes.

Step 4: How to Publish You Site

Publishing your site is super easy. All you have to do is click the blue "Publish" button and your website is published!

Step 5: How to Get Your Website on Google

The last step of publishing your website is putting it on google. Wix designed a personalized checklist with all the steps to make your website successful. You just have to follow the steps and get it done. Your website will be amazing.