Introduction: How to Make a Fortune Coodie Catcher

This instructable will show you how to create and play with a classic children's toy: the Coodie Catcher!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

A piece of paper (I used plain copy paper 8 1/2" x 11")


At least 4 colors to use for decorating the final piece

Step 2: Making a Square

If you would like to use origami paper you can skip this step

When starting with copy paper or anything 8 1/2" x 11" in dimension, take the top left corner and fold it down so that it touches the right hand side.

This will create a triangle shape.

Crease the edge that you folded (it will be important in later steps)

Step 3: Making a Square

Cut off the rectangular shape that was created after folding your top left corner over.

Removing this piece will create a perfect square when you unfold the triangle created in Step One

Unfold the triangle

Step 4: Creating a Second Fold

Take the bottom corner of your unfolded triangle and fold it up so it meets to top corner.

Crease this fold as well. When you unfold the paper now, there will be perpendicular creases.

Step 5: Fold in Outer Corners to the Center

Starting with the bottom corner, fold the tip into the center (where the creases you created intersect)

Repeat this fold on all 3 other corners and be sure to crease each fold

Step 6: Flip Over

Flip over the entire piece of paper.

Repeat Step 4 with the corners that you see when you flip over the paper (fold the outer corners into the center)

Good job! You've just created the inside flaps (and actually the outside flaps as well, but those will be revealed in the next step)

Step 7: Making the Final "Coodie Catcher"

Fold over the top edge to meet the bottom edge and crease down the center

Step 8: Revealing the Final Catcher

By placing your fingers into the spaces that are now on the outside of your folded paper, push up and the Coodie Catcher will come to life!

BUT WE CAN'T STOP THERE.... we need to decorate to make this a FORTUNE TELLING Coodie Catcher


Step 9: Decorating the Outside

For the outside of your Fortune Coodie Catcher, it's traditionally decorated with 4 color names.

But what about the inside??

Step 10: Decorating the Inside

Flatten your catcher back out and flip it over so the outside spaces you just colored are now facing down.

Label each half of each triangle flap you created with a number

Choose whichever numbers you would like! I decided to use number 1-8

After numbering each section, flip of the flaps and write a cool fortune on each half of the triangle space you just revealed

Step 11: How to Play!

Start with the Catcher completely folded up.

Put your fingers in place so the Catcher comes to life!

Have a friend choose a color name

No open and close the catcher the number of letters the color has (ex: P-I-N-K has 4 letters so you would open and close the catcher 4 times)

Now have the friend select one of the numbers that is visible. Again, open and close the catcher the same number of times as the selected number (6 would mean opening and closing 6 times)

Have the friend select one last number. Open up that triangle and read them the fortune that is directly underneath the number they chose!


Watch the video I embedded if you need help using the Coodie Catcher you just made. I did not create this video. Credit should go to YouTube user pllfangirlezria4eva

Have fun!