Introduction: How to Make a Fruit Smoothie Boba


Hello, today I am going to be making boba in a fruit smoothie.


boba balls

measuring cup


pot cover

stirring spoon

boiling water




brown sugar




milk and/or ice cream




straw (big enough for the boba to fit in)

Step 1: Measure It

First you are going to measure the boba and the water. For every 1 cup of boba, its 10 cups of water. In this case, I did 8 cups. I did 8 cups of water because 10 cups of water is not necessary. I don't think that you should try lower than 7 cups though.

Step 2: Boil Water

Pour your 8-10 cups of water in a pot. Turn the stove on and wait for the water to start boiling.

Step 3: Cook It

To cook the boba, you are going to pour the boba into the boiling water. You have to constantly stir it, just so the boba doesn't stick together. Wait a little and then you will see that boba is rising to the top. When it does rise, put a cover to the boba, then set a timer for 5-8 minutes.

Step 4: Get Boba Out

When your timer goes off, you can take the cover off and stir it for a little. Turn the stove off. Take the boba and strain the water out. Cool down the boba with water a couple of times. Put the boba in a bowl to add flavor to it.

Step 5: Flavor the Boba

When you flavor the boba, you are going to need honey and brown sugar. There are no right amounts of honey and brown sugar to put it. So, you are just going to eyeball it. Just remember that there is a little more honey than the brown sugar.

Step 6: Get Your Fruits

Get whatever fruits you want to use for your drink. Once you have them, cut them up to put in the blender.

Step 7: Put Them in Blender

On top of the fruits, add ice and if you want some sugar. The sugar is there to make the drink it a little sweeter instead of sour. And since I am teaching you how to make a smoothie, you also have to add milk or ice cream, but in this case, I forgot to.

Step 8: Conclusion

From this project I've learned that if you want the boba really soft then you are going to have to keep it in the boiling water for a little longer. A problem that I had doing this was that I forgot to add milk or ice cream into my smoothie, so it didn't really end up as a smoothie.