Introduction: How to Make a Giant Bristlebot

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The motor shaft when attached to an imbalanced load produces enormous vibrations. This is the basis of vibrations that we get in our mobile phone while in Vibrating mode and this will be the technique we will use to make a Giant Bristlebot using a cloth washing brush.

This is a wonderful project and an amazing DIY pet that can be made just with a 9v motor, battery and a cloth brush. It also has two red eyes made with LEDs connected in parallel to the motor.

Step 1: Materials Required

  1. Cloth washing Brush
  2. Toy DC motor
  3. Hex nut (to create imbalanced load)
  4. An ON/OFF Switch
  5. 9v Battery
  6. LEDs and a resistor of 100 ohms
  7. Soldering Iron
  8. Hot glue gun
  9. Battery connector clip

Note: You can also make a Battery connector clip at home very easily from an old 9v Battery.

Step 2: Procedure

  1. Using Hot glue, attach a Hex nut on the side of the motor shaft to create an imbalanced load.
  2. Apply hot glue and paste the motor over the brush on the side.
  3. Also, attach a switch on the center of an edge.
  4. From a Battery connector, cut the +ve wire and use it to make connection between the motor and switch terminals.
  5. Connect a 9v battery to the circuit and using Hot glue attach it over the brush at the opposite edge.
  6. Take 2 LEDs and slightly fold the -ve legs.
  7. Join and solder both the -ve legs together.
  8. Using a resistor leg, connect the +ve leg of both LEDs together.
  9. Solder the resistor to +ve motor terminal and position the LED network over the brush.
  10. Using a wire, make connection between the -ve terminal of LEDs and the motor.

Our Bristlebot is now ready to have fun. Turn ON the switch and leave it on the floor.

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