Introduction: How to Make a Good Dirt Hut in Minecraft

Hello! My name is BeefTaco and today I'm going to be showing you how to make a good looking dirt house in Minecraft! So to start it off, here's what you will need.

Step 1: Pathway

Start off by making a small, rough pathway.

Step 2: The Shape

Using coarse dirt, grass, cobblestone slabs, and stone, build a rough looking dome shape.

Step 3: Floor

Make the floor entirely out of coarse dirt.

Step 4: DOoR

put a door.

Step 5: BEd

Place a brown bed down.

Step 6: Stuff

Put in stuff you might need.

Step 7: Last Step

spam bone meal everywhere and place down stone buttons and stone pressure plates, which will act like rocks. And you're done!