Introduction: How to Make Helping Hands for Soldering Cheap

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How to make a helping hand at home for soldering and very cheap everybody can do it if you want to have some help when soldering make the third hand super easy.

Step 1: Comercial Helping Hand

If you don't know what is a helping hand you have a picture here this is the commercial version but with little imagination, you can make your own third hand for help you to make better soldering projects and super easy

with just a few parts this project can be free if you have all the parts

Step 2: Nothing Special to Make This Third Hand

A helping hand, also known as a third hand or X-tra Hands, is a type of extremely adjustable jig used in soldering and craftwork to hold materials near each other so that the user can work on them.

A commonly produced version consists of a weighted base, a pair of twice-adjustable arms ending in crocodile clips, and optionally a magnifying glass, held together by flexible joints.

Instead of this wooden meat, you can use any wooden piece and you don't have to make it like the pictures,i use this kitchen tool because was on hand and square base and good to attach a light on top of it, but you can do it with what you have on hand.

Step 3: Third Hand Homemade

In a commercial helping hand the clips are used to hold a light workpiece in place while the joints allow the user to change the position or angle. Sometimes helping hands are augmented with modules from the adjustable coolant hose systems used with machine tools.

We can make the helping hand with what we have on hand the main thing is to have some strong wires(used electrical wires) and some alligator clips the rest is just imagination.

Step 4: The Homemade Helping Hand

This is the finished product and didn't cost a dime all the stuff was already there apart for the wood meat thing that i think we have to use next week on a family barbeque so maybe i will buy another one the cheap one here we can give life to any cheap item that is around your house just drop by and say hello.

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