Introduction: How to Make a Home Theater With Reclaimed Speakers

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Hello Guys , In this Instructables I will instruct you how I made a simple high power home theater using reclaimed speakers . It is very simple to make , I will explain it in further simpler .

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Lets gets started ..

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Female USB jack

Female 3.5mm Audio jack

Old speakers and Amplifiers

Wire 22G



Screw Driver

Soldering Iron

Multimeter (optional )

Step 2: Block Diagram

It is simple to understand the block diagram

A common input is given to all amplifiers (Left , Right , Ground )

A Common power supply (Optional - need not to be common supply) connected to all amplifiers .Reduce to voltage at required levels with Voltage regulators .

Step 3: Watch Video First !

It will be clear , if you watch before making . Because it is very helpful to understand and improvise the thoughts .

Further clear photographs with explanation is given in below steps .

Step 4: Circuiting

1. Identify Input and Output connections of control unit .

2. Identify the output (L ,R ,GND) going from control unit to amplifier and patch the wire to direct it as input to other amplifiers .

3.Feed that wire as input to the other amplifiers .

4. Connect a common power supply to all amplifiers by reducing voltage by voltage regulators ( In my case it doesn't require )

5. Better to audio jacks for connectivity , because we can unplug it when required .

That's all guys

Step 5: Made It !

It is simple to make , try it at your home with reclaimed materials without spending more .

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