Introduction: How to Make a Homemade Hanging Lantern

In this instructable, I show you how to make a homemade hanging lantern. I really enjoy, "Do-it-yourself," crafts, and I've done this project countless times. This project is very simple and does not require many supplies. This hanging lantern can be used anywhere, whether that is natural light in the backyard, around the campfire, on the patio, or even inside. The places to hang this lantern are endless. Without further ado, let's get into it.


-Glass Jars

-Tea Candles (real or fake)

-Strong Wire

-Wire Cutters


-Sand, rocks, or other materials to stabilize the candle

Optional Supplies:

-Items to decorate jars (I used frosted glass and stickers)

Note: Decorating the jars isn't necessary but makes it look better

Step 1: Decorate the Jar

Decorate the jar anyway you want. Personally, I bought stickers and stuck them onto the jar. I proceeded to spray glass frosting spray on the jar. After letting the jar dry, I took the stickers off.

Step 2: Cut Wire

Depending on the jar size, cut a reasonable piece of wire for the jar. I cut about 18 inches of wire for my jar.

Step 3: Place Wire Around Mouth of Jar

1. Starting at one end of the wire, wrap the wire around the mouth of the jar. Once you get back to where you started, go around an inch or so more. Make sure the wire is tight around the rim of the jar when measuring. Hold the wire tight with pliers if necessary. Use the first picture as a reference.

2. Bend the wire vertically where the handle will start and bend the other wire in the opposite direction. This is where the wire will be tightened. Use the second picture as a reference.

Step 4: Tie Initial Knot

1. Cross the wires together with the excess wire being on the inside. Use the first picture as a reference.

2. Wrap the wire around the horizontal wire to create a loop. This part can be tricky, so do the best you can. Wrap the wire around a couple of times if necessary. Use the second picture as a reference.

Note: The wire doesn't need to be super tight, but the wire shouldn't come off the rim of the jar when pulled on.

Step 5: Finish the Handle

1. Take the wire and measure the handle to the desired length. Once you know the length you want, take the end of the wire and insert it underneath the wire that is around the rim of the jar. Use the first two pictures as a reference.

2. Bend the leftover wire around the horizontal wire to tighten the wire around the rim of the jar. Use pliers at any point in this step if you are not able to bend the wire with your hands as I did. Use the last two pictures as a reference.

Step 6: Tighten Handles Ends

Tighten the wire where needed.

Note: There isn't an exact way to tighten the wire as each case may be different. However, I recommend using pliers to squeeze together loose wires and, in some cases, to twist the wires and readjust the handle.

Step 7: Cut Off Loose Pieces

Cut off excess pieces of wire at the ends of the handles.

Step 8: Place Material Into Lantern

Insert the material you have chosen to keep the candle stable. I chose sand because it is aesthetically pleasing and versatile. The amount of material is up to you. I think a fourth of a jar is good enough, as it adds support for the candle and leaves plenty of room for light.

Note: This step is optional, but I think the lantern wouldn't look the same without supporting material.

Step 9: Insert Candle and Complete Finishing Touches

1. Insert a candle into the jar. Depending on the jar size, you can use a variety of candles. I think a tea candle work wells, but electronic candles work too.

2. Add any finishing touches as need be. I put the cap around the jar to add more detail to my hanging lantern.

Step 10: Hang Jar and Enjoy

Hang the jar in the backyard, on the front porch, or anywhere you desire, including inside.