Introduction: How to Make a Homemade PVC Duck Blind DIY

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Click the link for our duck blind blueprints for this blind to see the specific measurements and pieces we used.

When it comes to building a duck blind, there are so many different routes you can go. Do you put in the time and money to put in an in-ground pit blind, is the water big enough to warrant a boat blind, are you hunting a field so a simple layout blind will do the trick? The options are endless.

Due to its versatility, its affordability (compared to many other options out there on the market like boats or in-ground blinds), its maneuverability, and don’t forget its ability to be completely customized, we really like our PVC pipe duck blind. You can make this as large or small as you would like. It is light weight so you can move it when/if you need to. It is collapsable for storage in the off season if you don’t glue each piece together. It has a roof to keep you and your gear dry on those rainy hunts. And you can customize and camouflage it however you need to given your specific hunting conditions.

Enough about the blind, let’s get into how to build this thing (don’t worry, it’s quite simple)!

Things you’ll need: Roughly 110′ of 2″ PVC pipe in minimum 8′ long pipes, 9 corner fittings, 11 T fittings, 1 elbow fitting, a saw to cut the PVC pipe, PVC glue and/or pins, tape measure, zip ties, camo netting, corn stalks, hay, etc. to conceal the blind once finished

Project Notes

  • The exact length of PVC pipe you will need depends on the dimensions and size you choose to build your blind in. It is personal preference and based on what kind of body of water and land you’re hunting, (as well as how tall you are, we’re tall guys, up to 6’4”). There is no right or wrong answer as far as height and width goes, it’s all up to you and how you want to build it!
  • The dimensions you decide for your blind will not change how many PVC fittings you need, although we’d recommend a vertical support ‘beam’ if you want it wider than 8’
  • We chose to use 2” PVC pipe as it is a bit stronger and survives the wind, cold, and wear that a hunting season brings a bit betterLetters represent connection points, connecting the same letter from one side to another, and you’ll have your blind finished before you know it!
  • PVC length measurements in our blueprints allow for a 2.5” gap for the T fittings
  • If you would like to make your blind wider than 8’, we would recommend adding a support ‘beam’ of vertical PVC pipes on the back of the blind to strengthen the back

From here, once you have everything you’ll need and made all the correct cuts (see our blueprints for exact measurements and steps), it’s just like putting together Legos when you were a kid. After you’ve put it together, throw some camouflage on it and you’ll be ready to hunt!